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PRESS RELEASE: A Statement on Targeted Vandalism

The recent news that a targeted vandalism has occurred to a resident in New Gloucester is disheartening. The New Gloucester Republican Committee condemns the acts of those who vandalise, and destroy the property of others in our town. Attempts to purposefully or wilfully tamper with the rights of others in their pursuit of life, liberty and happiness should be condemned.

All citizens of New Gloucester, as well as towns and cities beyond ours, should feel safe. Private property should be respected and left unfettered by others and attempts to demolish or abuse private or public property is disrespectful, not to mention illegal. As citizens, we need to condemn all forms of vandalism, and stand up to ensure that those committing it are held accountable according to the law.

-The New Gloucester Republican Committee

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Apr 03, 2023

The vandalism was a hate crime. The target was a specific group in our community LBGTQ++. Why are you not saying this in the statement? The omission is glaring. I wonder who decided to avoid both hate and LGTBQ here. There are gay republicans! What is the culture that can not make a true statement condemnation and validate harm doing beyond property? You are trading your power to grant dignity to other humans for politics. That sort of loss, giving up your power is what leads to acts of power over others. Be leaders! Weave community.

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