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Guest Post: Whatever Happened to Victory Gardens, by Mikaela Nadeau

It seems that chicken’s have made a lot of headlines lately in the news, from the avian flu that decimated numerous commercial facilities, and the egg inflation costs. To me none of these things particularly matter, as I am one of many backyard chicken keepers blessed with happy and healthy chickens, ducks, and one loud goose. Instead I have been shocked at the way the news outlets, and the CDC has come out fear-mongering the keeping of chickens.

In World War I and World War II there were campaigns by the United States Government encouraging American’s to do their part by keeping a Victory Garden, and part of that was backyard poultry keeping. The government was concerned certainly about war efforts, but the bonus was how victory gardens helped feed approximately 40% of the population during those campaigns. It greatly freed up the food and other aspects for troops, and it allowed able bodied American’s to learn some self-sufficiency and the joys of providing their own food for themselves and their community.

In the past three years we have gone through many habit changes, new found appreciation for being able to get the items we need, and yet during those shortages we never saw a renewal from the United States Government about starting up a victory garden to help families facing food shortages and inflation. Instead we were told to isolate, stay home to flatten the curve, and avoid going to places. Wouldn’t it have been fruitful to advertise the victory garden again for American citizens?

Instead we were fed advertisements about masking up, social distancing, and getting a vaccine. For three years we had the capacity to be useful in our seclusion, and while many had that initiative, many others flocked to panic buy toilet paper, flour, and other pantry essentials. During the past three years we have seen huge amounts of inflation, shortages, and the threats wiping out our food supply. Just a simple Google search shows up an alarming amount of fires at chicken factories in the United States, and this isn’t factoring in the avian flu that also decimated flocks last summer.

What is it that would take the United States Government to cheer on the American family to help raise and grow their own food? I admit that I’m not without error or fault in the learning curve of large scale gardening and poultry keeping. Yet despite my failures and mistakes, it’s only brought me closer to understanding how to make it so that I can count on my own two hands to help provide for my family. Given the technologies today, it’s also becoming increasingly easier for individuals to keep even small gardens on stoops, patios, and indoors. Yet no out reach or advertisement by the United States Government to fuel Americans into gardening and poultry keeping. If not now, then when?

In my own personal opinion I feel that our country would be in a much better place if we emphasised the role of self-suffiency instead of dependency. The role of small farmers cannot be forgotten as it helps create a more sustainable market, and encourages relationships with those in the community.




*This is a guest post by Mikaela Nadeau. The views expressed are those of Mikaela Nadeau, and not endorsed by the New Gloucester GOP. The New Gloucester GOP supports the right of individuals to submit guest blog posts freely, and without censorship. If you are interested in sharing an article, or post please send all submissions to

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Unknown member
Feb 05, 2023

This is the perfect example of why you need to take responsibility for you and your family for every aspect of your life.

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