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Town of New Gloucester Vacant Board Positions

The town of New Gloucester currently has vacancies on multiple boards and committees, and as such it would be a great way to help serve the community in multiple positions.All applications are due by June 21st at the Town Hall. Currently the following committees are up for vacancies:

  • Board of Appeals (2)

  • Budget Committee (2)

  • Cable TV Committee (5)

  • Candidate Referendum Committee (1)

  • Community Fair Committee (1-3yr and 1-1yr)

  • Economic Development Committee (3)

  • Environmental Resources Committee (3)

  • Land Management Planning Committee (2)

  • Library Board of Trustees (2)

  • Parks & Recreation Committee (3)

  • Planning Board (2)

For more information, please visit the Boards and Committees page at the New Gloucester town website.

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