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Press Release: House Republican Leaders Selected

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

House Republican Leaders Selected

Indomitable House Republicans elect Rep. Billy Bob Faulkingham to be their leader

HOUSE CHAMBER – The Maine House Republican caucus elected Rep. Billy Bob Faulkingham (R-Winter Harbor) to serve as their Leader during a meeting today in Augusta. Rep. Amy Arata (R-New Gloucester) was elected Assistant Republican Leader.

Rep. Faulkingham’s election comes after Maine House Republicans essentially fought to a draw in a difficult election year, gaining 1 seat.

“I am grateful to receive the support of House Republicans following a difficult showing on election day,” said House Republican Leader Elect Faulkingham. “We have been branded by the opposition, it is time we brand ourselves as the party of family values and workers. We can and we will dig down deep and be more effective going forward. The results were not enough, but the efforts of our supporters will not be in vain. Maine citizens expect Republicans to provide alternatives, work together, and be included in decisions that affect their lives. We look forward to the infusion of new energy and expertise that will strengthen our caucus and our desire to advance common sense solutions to Maine’s problems.”

Assistant Republican Leader Elect Amy Arata thanked all supporters throughout Maine that worked hard in the months leading up to Tuesday’s election. “House Republicans are unified in their desire to play a larger role in the policies and decisions governing Mainers,” said Rep. Arata. “Mainers from all walks of life and occupations can expect us to fight for them and to have their voices heard.”


*The above press release is from the Maine House Republican Office and was shared via newsletter.

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