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Marco Polo Event: The Biden Laptop Report - April 29th at Noon

I’d like to invite folks to attend a discussion on Saturday April 29 th with Garrett Ziegler, founder of Marco Polo USA, a nonprofit research group whose sole mission is to expose corruption and blackmail to inspire an American renaissance. Never has there been such an in-depth look into a sitting President and his degenerate family in our nation’s history. In addition, I can attest to the validity and exhaustive effort made by Marco Polo to verify everything contained in the report.  Not one fact in the report has yet to be rebuked and I can say with confidence that not one of them will be.  Garrett served in the White House during President Trump’s administration, under Peter Navarro in the office of Trade and Manufacturing. The Biden Laptop Report is a 645-page dossier presenting 459 crimes

evidenced on Hunter’s laptop (six of which are felonies directly attributed to Joe Biden). Garrett has met with Representative Comer’s staff, using his knowledge of the Biden family, to help direct their investigative subpoena’s.  Marco Polo’s report has been featured in national and international media, including the New York Post, OANN, NewsMax and a host of conservative online outlets.  

The Biden Laptop Report is free and can be found on their website in a reader version linked above and as a fully searchable PDF. Their initial print copy sold out in a matter of weeks and Garrett will make available 2nd  edition copies at the event.  In addition, you can search all 128,000 Biden laptop emails by keyword, read the original Ashley Biden diary or the transcribed version which gives further insight into the Biden family.

For more information on this free event, visit the Facebook Event Page. We’d love to have you join us for Garrett’s on his visit to Maine.


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