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Candidate Highlight: Tammy Donovan for Selectboard

Updated: May 27, 2022

Occupation: Special Education Teacher Education: Graduate of Gray- New Gloucester High School, BA-History University of Southern Maine, Minor in Education St. Joseph’s College, Graduate Courses for Community Development and Planning – Muskie Community organizations/ service: Member of select board, on term, board liaison to various committees , past member of Land Management & Planning Committee, past member of Harraseeket Grange #9 in Freeport, volunteer for GNG-R Little League Interests/ hobbies: Spending time with family, hunting, fishing, four wheeling, camping, gardening Family status: Engaged, mother of 11 year old son What are three goals you want to accomplish during your term? My 3 goals would be to continue to work on the Upper Village Master Plan and work as a team to make informed decisions on how to proceed forward. I would also take a deeper look at the Comprehensive Master Plan with the board and set priorities and goals to attain in the next few years. My last goal would be to focus on road repair and maintenance when we have all the collectable data at our hands.

What change in town governance would you most like to see in the town charter? Why? We appointed and elected a committee to come up with what the desires and hopes were for the town. I am at the will of the people and what they determine to be the changes needed for New Gloucester town governance. I will serve and execute the wishes and desires as voted on by the people should the Charter pass.

What is an issue that you think deserves more attention from the select board? Working together as a team is important to the success of the board. We may not always agree but we can always walk away with knowing that we are respectful to each other and all voices are considered in making decisions.

What are your two favorite places to spend time in New Gloucester? I love my whole town. This is an impossible question but anywhere in the woods hunting or fishing.


The candidates submitted their answers to these questions which were asked by the NGXchange, all answers were provided by the candidates to NGXchange as well as NGGOP.

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