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Candidate Highlight: Dorene Libby for MSAD 15 School Board

Updated: May 27, 2022

Name: Dorene Libby

Occupation: Business Owner – Thermal Lock, Inc.

Education: Attended Champlain College, Burlington Vermont & Central Maine Community College

Community organizations/ service: SAD 15 School Board & Family Crisis Center Volunteer

Interests/ hobbies: My interests are wide ranging from history and science to travel, art and etymology.

Family status: Married, with two children.

What do you think our local schools are doing right to prepare students? What could be improved on?: Our school staff and administrators do a fantastic job of supporting our students and providing them an environment where they feel valued and safe. In doing so, it allows students to focus on learning which is certainly a prerequisite as they prepare for the future. I would like to see an overall improvement in academic standings across the district for all subjects, particularly in math, which has been a consistent weak area. Lastly, having sat in on several strategic-plan focus groups, I had the opportunity to discuss this very question with students, teachers, parents and community leaders. Overwhelmingly, there is a desire for students to obtain various practical life-skills while in attendance, which I see as an improvement worthy of pursuit.

Is there a particular issue or interest that motivates you to run for the School Board?: As a home schooling parent, I am frequently asked this question, and while there is not one particular issue that motivates me to run for School Board, I feel civic involvement is a responsibility we all share. Notably, schooling at home and public school attendance are not mutually exclusive, therefore, in considering the options for service, my love of learning and home school experience makes the School Board a logical choice. I myself am a product of public education and I am proud of our District and its efforts to provide various paths of educational choice. In addition, as a member of the community, I have a vested interest in helping to achieve a fiscal balance between the needs of the district and the people of the community responsible to fund them.

What are three goals you want to accomplish during your term?: Our most pressing and difficult goal, from my perspective, is to solve the transportation issues we face. Beyond that, our district is blessed with great teachers and I believe our students have the potential for excellence. Therefore, my remaining two goals are to see our district raise the bar across the board in all areas of academic expectations and to see that focus reflected in improved test scores going forward.

What was your favorite subject in school?: By far, my favorite subject in school was literature as the value of and influence of a well written work can never be erased.


*The candidates submitted their answers to these questions which were asked by the NGXchange, all answers were provided by the candidates to NGXchange as well as NGGOP.

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