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Candidate Highlight: Brian Shedlarski for Selectboard

Updated: May 27, 2022

Occupation: Realtor, Niles, Shedlarski & Co. Education: 1995 Graduate of Gray-New Gloucester High School. Enrolled in Burlington College, VT in 1997 and later transferred to UMaine Orono for Journalism. Community organizations/ service: Land Management Planning Committee (Chairman), Budget Committee (Chairman), Economic Development Committee (Vice Chairman), Past member of the Town of Gray’s Solid Waste and Recycling Committee Interests/ hobbies: Spending time with family and friends, skiing, travel, geology, fishing What are three goals you want to accomplish during your term? I would like to continue working toward the select board’s goal of addressing paving of town roads. As part of that process Town Manager Landes has secured grant money and an intern to survey town roads to assess their condition. I look forward to using that data to identify the roads that have current needs and take action to address them. In addition, New Gloucester needs to plan for future projects and needs to fund them in a manner that is more successful than past efforts. I would like to revisit our waste management and recycling programs as well as transfer station operations. Are tax dollars being used efficiently? If there is a way to manage our waste in a more cost effective manner I would like to implement changes as soon as possible. Lastly, as we emerge from the pandemic and enter into a shifting economy I hope to be part of a select board that continues to stay the course of fiscal responsibility and local control.

What change in town governance would you most like to see in the town charter? Why? After reviewing the Charter Commission’s public survey it is clear that the majority of respondents favor our current system of government. I support a select board and town manager with an annual town meeting to vote on ordinances and the budget. My role as a selectman is to work for the citizens of New Gloucester. To do so I will continue to support this type of government.

One area of policy I would like to see strengthened by the charter is the expectations regarding member participation on boards and committees. Currently there is almost no standard for participation, members stop participating because they don’t like a topic or because they lose interest in a committee. There should be clear standards of service set fourth prior to appointment of committee members outlining the expectations of them while serving on boards and committees.

What is an issue that you think deserves more attention from the select board? A big source of concern for me is waste management at the transfer station. As noted above we may not be managing our waste in the most cost effective manner. For example, everything we throw in the hopper (household trash) costs $41/ton for disposal. Currently the plastic recycling, mixed paper recycling and glass are all being disposed of with this waste. Is there a better outlet that costs less than $41/ton for this? Is there an outlet that would pay us for these commodities? The roll offs (big green dumpsters numbered 1 and 2) currently cost $89.01/ton for disposal. Are there cheaper alternatives for any of this waste? By finding other outlets such as alternative disposal methods or additional recycling options and more efficiently structuring the transfer station operations we could significantly reduce our operating expenses saving taxpayer dollars.

What are your two favorite places to spend time in New Gloucester? Sabbathday Lake and anywhere my beautiful wife is.


The candidates submitted their answers to these questions which were asked by the NGXchange, all answers were provided by the candidates to NGXchange as well as NGGOP.

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